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2006 Fundraising Dinner (see Photo Gallery)

We had a great time. Some photos from the event is shown here while more can be seen from the Photo Gallery link above. Enjoy and be sure to make your contribution today.


1) Rev. (Mrs.) Oge' Florence & Dr. A. Sunny Okorie gives the 2005 Relief Ambassador Award to honor Mr. John Bomer of Consolidated Steamship Agency, Inc. in Houston. 2) Dr. Gerald Davis motivates guests to give


4) Dr. Keith Rolle (Royal Ambassador's - San Antonio TX) honors Dr. A. Sunny Okorie & 5) Dr. Jerry Wiles (Living Water Int'l President) for their continuing efforts helping to solve the global water crisis


5) Mrs. Brenda Koinis (theH2OProject founder), Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Wiles, and Mrs. Bomer at the dinner listens 6) Mrs. Pam Smith, Portia Reitzell & other guests enjoy meal


Thank you for giving and praying for us thereby making this annual event a success. Join us now & in the immediate future as we accelerate our effort to help meet these basic human needs which provide opportunity for the advancement of the gospel of the Kingdom of God - Matt. 28:19-20.

Remain Blessed!

Dr. A. Sunny Okorie

President / CEO

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League City, TX 77574-1307


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